Dark Cherry Orange Hibiscus


White cake speckled with organic dark cherries & swirled with tart hibiscus & dark cherry puree. Frosted with a zesty orange vegan buttercream. Decor may include dehydrated sliced citrus & organic edible flowers. (Not available in gluten-free at this time.)

Organic Dark Cherries, the perfect fruity accomplice to tart hibiscus ✺ Hibiscus, a tantalizingly tart & heart-healthy flower packed with antioxidants ✺ Orange Zest, the healthiest part of the whole orange folded into fluffy buttercream

Zesty Orange ✺ Sweet Dark Cherry ✺ Tart Hibiscus

Make it a (tea) party!

Amp up the plant magic & medicine in your every day celebrations & enjoy your cake with our hand-blended organic loose leaf herbal teas!

Dark Cherry Orange Hibiscus is perfectly paired with:

SOOTHE with Support Group

FEEL THE LOVE with Ramblin’ Rose Chai

Support Group Loose Leaf Organic Herbal Tea for emotional support & heart health
ramblin' rose chai herbal tea
Gift Wrapping Add-On

Make it somethin’ real special! We offer a “gift wrapping” option for our sweets. Gift wrapping includes a natural white cotton twine tie, a mini dried flower bouquet, & a hand-written note if desired.

Gift wrapping is priced per box.

Cake Sizing

✺ Cupcakes (one dozen (12) cupcakes)

✺ Small (3 layers, 6″ round) – 8-10 sensible party slices

✺ Large (3 layers, 8″ round) feeds 14-16 sensible party slices (up to 24 event style slices)

A Note On Cake Decorations

All cakes & cupcakes come fully dressed up & ready for your celebrations! Decorations will always coordinate with the cake flavor & include dried flowers & foliage (always non-toxic & organically grown, many in our own garden) & may also include edible elements such as dried fruits, fruit powders, etc. All decor is fully biodegradable.

Design will vary slightly from the photos as each creation is unique. You can check out our Gallery of past projects for examples of what “fully dressed” means to us. We aim to make each & every cake a stunning botanical beauty!

Please know that decor is at our discretion & will vary with seasonal availability. 

If you have a specific request such as a particular color scheme, please indicate your preferences in the “Notes” section at check out. While we can’t guarantee anything, we can pinky promise that we’ll always do our darned best to accommodate & communicate transparently.


All bakeshop products are made with the highest quality ingredients. Nothing artificial ever!

Dark Cherry Orange Hibiscus Ingredients: non-GMO hard red wheat flour, non-GMO malted barley flour, cane sugar*, oats*, non-GMO grapeseed oil, Earth Balance*, all-vegetable shortening*, aquafaba*, sweet dark cherries*, hibiscus*, orange*, baking powder, vanilla extract*, almond extract*, sea salt.

CONTAINS WHEAT & SOY (* indicates organic)

Storing Your Cake & Cupcakes

Unsliced cakes and cupcakes will stay fresh & moist for 3-5 days. We recommend storing your cakes and cupcakes in the refrigerator, in an airtight container if possible, and then removing them about 30 minutes prior to serving.

The cake and frosting will be the fluffiest at room temperature. For the best experience, we do not recommend serving cakes or cupcakes cold.

Once your cake is sliced, cover the exposed part of the cake with plastic wrap or cut the remaining cake into slices and store in an airtight container in the fridge. The less the cake is exposed to air, the longer it will stay moist and fresh.

For more information, check out the FAQs


Your order can be picked up from our home-based location in Valrico, FL (~25 minutes east of downtown Tampa). Address is given at checkout. Our pick-up hours are:

Wednesday, Thursday, & Friday 10am – 4pm or Saturday 10am – 1pm

Got more questions? Check out the FAQs.

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