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Hibiscus Orange Fire Cider Herbal Salt


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A classic herbal remedy turned into an everyday pantry & dinner table staple, Hibiscus Orange Fire Cider Herbal Finishing Salt.

Made with all the therapeutic goodness of fire cider without the spice! This hand-crafted fresh herb salt is made with a paste of apple cider vinegar and organic herbs, spices, fruits, & flowers… with just a hint of Florida local honey. It’s air-dried, then processed & sifted to a fine-grain seasoning salt for an easy way to add herbal fun & flavor to all your fave foods!

Net wt. 4 oz (112.5 g) | ~1/4 cup fine-grain herb-infused salt

Add the magic & medicine of botanicals to your every day all year long.

about this herbal salt

tart, subtly sweet, umami, citrus
**This salt does contain habanero pepper but is NOT SPICY like Fire Cider.**

Use in any way that you’d normally use table salt. Sprinkle on everything! Hibiscus Orange Hire Cider Herbal Finishing Salt tastes great on avocado toast, roasted root vegetables, fish & seafood, popcorn, salads, poultry, & more. You can even rim your herbal cocktails or sprinkle into your fave Bloody Mary mix. We’ve yet to find a savory dish that this salt doesn’t bring new life to.

>>> Small-batch & hand-crafted from mindfully-sourced organic ingredients.
>>> Made without gluten-containing ingredients. Not suitable for vegans (contains honey).
>>> Salt comes packaged in a recyclable and/or reusable safety-sealed 4oz glass jar with white lid.
>>> Jar with lid measures 2.75″H x 2.25″W
>>> Contains 4oz (112.5g) of fine-grain salt (~1/4 cup)
>>> Shelf-stable
>>> Keep your salt jar out of direct sunlight, moisture, & heat to maintain potency of flavor.
>>> Does not contain anti-clumping agents. Clumping is natural & not a sign of spoilage. Just give the jar a shake to break up clumps & be sure to keep away from moisture.

pink Himalayan sea salt, apple cider vinegar*, fresh orange peel*, fresh onion*, fresh ginger*, fresh horseradish root*, rosehips*, fresh turmeric*, hibiscus*, fresh garlic*, Florida local honey


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