Those warm nights you wish would last forever…

Summer Nights Flora-fetti | Dried Organic Edible Flowers


Summer Nights Flora-fetti is all about the dusky reds, pinks, & blues of a warm summer eve mixed in with sparks of that golden summer sun. It’s all about those nights that you wish would last forever, in flowers.

Sprinkle these edible flower garnishes on your savory dishes, desserts, & drinks. Or give the gift of organic, edible flowers to all the chefs, mixologists, & party hosts in your life.

9 grams (~3/4 cup)

Ingredients: organic blue cornflower, organic calendula, organic red rose, organic pink rose

Add the magic & medicine of flowers to your every day all year long.

product details 

Each jar is hand-crafted in small batches from organically-grown and/or sustainably & ethically harvested 100% edible flowers. These edible flowers go far beyond the minimum of “culinary grade” & embody the deeply inter-twined values of caring for the health of people & planet.

Beautifully packaged inside & out, these flower-full jars make perfect gifts for creative friends & loved ones.

✺ 9 grams of edible flowers in each jar (~3/4 cup)

✺ Packaged in a 6 fl. oz. Victorian glass Jar with gold lid that measures 2.3″ wide x 3.8″ high

✺ Labels are crafted of eco-friendly FSC-Certified paper with a fine art-like subtle texture

✺ All packaging is plastic-free, fully recyclable, and/or reusable

✺ Safety-sealed for your protection

✺ Flowers will likely settle with time, making it appear that there’s less of them. It’s an optical illusion; just give them a fluff. (Hey there, gravity…)

✺ Store your edible flowers in a cool & dry location out of bright light and/or direct sunlight

✺ Shelf life is ~2 years if stored properly


Meet Summer Nights

Before you sprinkle, get to know the flowers in Golden Hour:
Blue Cornflower
Blue Cornflower (Centaurea cyanus), often affectionally referred to as Bachelor’s Buttons, 
Calendula (Calendula officinalis) is another bright & sunny edible flower most well-known for it’s soothing benefits to the skin. However, it’s also antioxidant-rich & very supportive of immune & digestive health.
Roses (Rosa spp.) hardly need any introduction. As a symbol of strength in softness, true love and heartbreak, beauty, purity, mystery, friendship, celebration, and even death, the rose covers all the bases of the great human experience. As a medicine, rose is most often used to support cardiovascular health, emotional health, pain, healthy levels of inflammation, and wound healing. It’s also a popular herbal aphrodisiac.

**Please note that the information here is for educational purposes only. None of our products are meant to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent disease or illness.

How to use your dried edible flowers:

So many ways to add the magic & medicine of dried, organic edible flowers to your every day! A simple sprinkle of edible flowers instantly elevates your culinary creations with a huge touch of elegance, playfulness, color, & natural beauty.

Let these simple ideas inspire you & then let your creativity run wild!

✺ Treat yourself to a sprinkle on your perfectly foamed lattes.

Use edible flowers to decorate your cakes, cupcakes, & pastries. 

Add a gourmet touch to savory dishes like fresh green salads & pureed soups.

Roll soft cheeses in edible flowers to bring a big botanical bang to your charcuterie boards.

Gently press onto the top of cornbread, herbed focaccia, or sugar cookies before you bake them.

Indulge your inner mixologist & add a sprinkle to your utterly delicious botanical cocktails & mocktails.

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