Our Story…

It’s a love story, really.

vegan & gluten-free triple chocolate cake decorated with dried flowers and dark chocolate

And it’s never really been totally about the cake.

It all started with a garden, a cake, and an island wedding in the Pacific Northwest. Soon after, a botanical cupcake company was born and in between… a whole lot of magic. Thousands of cupcakes, ten years, cross-country moves, and many lives later, that small botanical cupcake company was reborn as Botany Bakeshop in the middle of the sunshine-y state of Florida.

It’s a love story at its bones… and it’s always been about bringing the beauty, the food and medicine, and the magic of the plants and this planet into your every day celebrations.

We’re on a mission.

Botany Bakeshop is fueled by a passion to help people reimagine food in ways that are healthier and that ultimately help them reconnect with the earth… even if in the subtlest, gentlest, simplest of ways… even if it’s through cake. 

Bringing the medicine & magic of botanicals into your everyday celebrations.

Why Choose Botany Bakeshop

For the People

We take pride in making delicious vegan & gluten-free desserts, blending herbal teas for your health, & adding the beauty of botanicals to your everyday.

And we do it all with the best darn ingredients we can find!

Our food system is already so full of artificial coloring, flavoring, & chemical additives that are harmful to your health. You won’t find any of that here.

We’re stubbornly committed to the highest quality ingredients & indulgence without compromise.

For the Planet

Our commitment to using only the highest quality ingredients is also out of a great love for this planet that nurtures & sustains us.

We prioritize ingredients & botanicals that are organic, seasonal, & local whenever possible. Our products are packaged in biodegradable or recyclable materials & without plastics.

And it’s our greatest hope that our botanical-infused products will inspire a greater connectedness to this planet.

For the Future

We know it might seem like it’s just cake, it’s just tea, & it’s only flowers but we see it as so much more.

There’s a bigger picture behind everything we do.

We aim for practices & products that contribute to a healthier planet & put us on the path towards a more just & equitable food system. We provide accessible herbal education for greater self-empowerment.

And we do it all for a better future.


Learn More About the Botanicals in Our Sweet Treats!

Meet the Maker

Hey there! I’m Sass.

Baker, Food & Medicine Educator, Health & Wellness (& Happiness) Advocate, Herbalist, Earth Lover, & Chronic Mover & Shaker making things happen since the 80s.

Insider info…

My first love was the ocean. I worked as a marine biologist for many years before finding my way back to the land & down a path that lead me to nutrition, culinary arts, gardening, & a great love for this planet.

I’m a self-taught baker. I absolutely love baking & decorating cakes, but I’ll confess that I don’t really like eating cake.

I actively blog at Botany Culture where I share easy plant-based recipes & DIY herbal remedies to fuel your herbal wellness.

While I do grow as many of the flowers & herbs we use at the bakeshop as I can, I have a dream of having a full-on organic, edible flower & medicinal herb farm one day. It’ll happen. You heard it here first!



Headshot of Sass Ayres, owner of Botany Bakeshop

What Customers Are Saying

Sass is creative, educated, genuine & professional. She’s a true gem to work with. Her dessert profiles & flavor combinations are unique & undeniably delicious… they’re one of a kind to say at the least. They’ll make your taste buds explode with excitement! Sass has a beautiful gift.

Becca Ward

Our wedding cake was made by Sass & it was beyond anything we could have dreamt of. Everyone at the wedding mentioned it being the best cake they’d ever had. Hands down, the best cake ever! We’ve had the pleasure of trying a bunch of desserts made by Sass & they’re one of a kind. She uses unique ingredients & flavor combinations that are so delicious & the presentation is always so beautiful & whimsical. She’s a true artist.

Sam & Gordy Dana

Let’s Connect


Home-based in Valrico, FL
(~25 mins east of downtown Tampa)



Pick-Up Days & Times

Wednesday 10am – 4pm
Thursday 10am – 4pm
Friday 10am – 4pm
Saturday 10am – 1pm

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